June 2nd

Today I spend another day with the Canadian guy. We started with walking to a Hanbok rental shop near Changdeokgung palace. We rented two Hanbok for 4 hours and then walked back to the palace. Here we joined the “Secret Garden Tour” and enjoyed listening to so many information while having a look at beautiful Pavilions, trees, flowers, nature in general and other man-made buildings inside the secret garden. We took thousands of pictures there, enjoying our Hanbok.

After this, we participated in the palace tour as well, getting even more information and taking more and more pictures. Soon, the 4 hours were over and we had to return the clothes. Both of us enjoyed wearing them a lot, even though it was very hot and we were sweating very much.

From here, we continued to war memorial museum. It was such a huge museum and is totally worth visiting. There is no entrance fee and they have so many different media to present all the information. There were figures, statues, books, videos, sculptures, pictures, art, interactive parts and even some small buildings inside, like a small castle to show how they were build.

I spent 2 hours inside this museum and it wasn’t enough time at all. I could have spent a whole day or even two days in there. I had to rush through everything and sometimes only took pictures without actually reading any information, because the museum was about to close.

After this, we walked on to Hangang and kept walking next to the river a little.

With the sun setting slowly, we decided to head back to the Hostel and when we left the subway it was already dark black outside.


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