June 4th

Today I walked first to Gwanghwamun. Originally, I wanted to participate in a tour, but somehow there was none, so, I got dressed in a Hanbok for free and took some pictures before entering the King Sejong museum. It showed a lot about his life, his inventions and about how he gave birth to the Korean alphabet. It was very interesting and I took my time reading all the information about him and all the amazing things he did, invented and the way he lived.

After this, I walked on to Myeongdong. I wanted to have a look at the Cathedral I didn’t visit last time. Since it was still early, most shops were still closed, so I used the time exploring Lotte Youth Plaza and doing some window shopping here before continuing window shopping on my way through Myeongdong area to the Cathedral.

When I finally arrived, I took some pictures and ate the 32cm ice cream I bought earlier, before entering the cathedral to have a look at a Korean catholic mass. I didn’t understand that much, so I decided to leave soon after entering.

From here, I continued to Namsan Hanok Village and the Korea house. Here, I just walked around and enjoyed the nature and all the traditional houses. In the Korea house, there was a ceremony held, but I didn’t want to interrupt and since I didn’t understand anything, plus nothing was really happening, I left here soon a well.

Now I started my way back to Myeongdong. In the afternoon, several shops opened and wherever I was looking, there was someone selling something. From socks and phone cases to food – they had everything. It was fund walking around and seeing foods I usually only get on Christmas markets in Germany. They sold everything from Churros and Crêpes to Korean dumplings. It was amazing! Still, I continued only window shopping and walking to my last destination: Cheonggye Stream.

I found a flyer in my Hostel, saying there would be a performance at 4 pm and I wanted to watch this. But because it was still early, I decided to go to the tourist information, which was also a workshop-museum-mix. They had a flyer with a free coupon for making your own lamp and one on which you had to collect stamps on every floor and after that you could hand it in for a coffee, a soft drink, a bag or a bottle. I decided for the bag and enjoyed getting these stamps through walking all around the building and getting more and more information on Korea, the food, the traditions and crafts. It was amazing!

Then I walked to the stream and watched the performance. It was a mix between comedy show, music show, glove puppet show, and an act. Even though I didn’t understand what they were talking, everything else was funny and amazing to watch. They did a real great job!

Afterwards I got back to the tourist information building and handed in my coupon for the self-made lamp. It took me about 30 minutes and didn’t end up that pretty, but I had fun.

When I was done, I decided to walk to Dongdaemun district, where I wanted to buy a Hanbok. After 30 minutes, I arrived and had to look for the right part of the shopping area, but finally I found it and walked through several Hanbok shops.
I asked for the prices and got a very good one, included shipping to Germany and all. Here I bought my own Hanbok and asked the owners to ship it to my home. Now I am a little nervous on how it will work out and when and how it will arrive at my home. I am praying that everything will work out perfectly fine.


After this, I walked back to my hostel. Here I had to treat all the blisters I got from walking the first time in my sandals. Then I tried skyping with my family, what ended in calling them because my laptop can’t use my speakers anymore, so I couldn’t hear a thing while skyping and then we just ended that call and changed to talking via phone.


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