June 5th

Today, I wanted to visit the last left palace (Changgyeonggung Palace) and the Jongmyo Shrine as well as the Bukchon Hanok Village.

I started early in the morning with jogging, just as usual on Mondays. Then I took my time taking a shower and eating breakfast so, when I finally left it was past nine.

First, I walked to the Shrine, just to miss the first tour there. I wanted to just go inside, but everyone there tried to explain to me that this wasn’t possible. Finally, they handed me the English guide flyer and on it’s back was written that you can only enter the Shrine with a guided tour. So, I had to wait one and a half hour for the next English tour and then I got to enjoy the Shrine for one hour. It was amazing! I learned a lot about the building, the thoughts behind it and about how the Royals rest at this unique Shrine.

From here, I walked on to the palace, just to notice that today is Monday. The day on which most of the palaces are closed. This made me skip the palace and so, I just walked on to the village. There was a great walking trail with all best-view-spots in it on one of my thousands of maps and so I just followed this trail. The village and all the old houses were amazing and all the view-points were truly beautiful!
Plus, all the recommended shops and restaurants and cafés seemed to be real good. I did some window shopping again and just walked around there slowly, enjoying the scenery and the weather (even though it was almost too hot).

Then I decided to continue to Namdaemun Market again, where I and Dhruv (the Canadian guy) had bought some amazing Asian baked sweets. Originally, I wanted to continue to Namsan Seoul Tower, but I didn’t know, if the path my google maps was showing me was a real one, or another not that real connected one again. And since my feet were already hurting a lot, I turned around, walked to the next subway station and took a subway back to my hostel.


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