June 10th

Today I had to pack my backpack rather fast in the morning and store away all the stuff in my two bags. It wasn’t easy and somehow everything seemed to be so much bigger and fuller. I will have to re-pack it again tomorrow morning or maybe this evening. I hope it’ll turn out to be better packed and thus smaller again.

After this, I had a great breakfast and even said goodbye to some of the guest I started to get closer to (Juliette and Wayne). It was great to make new friends in such a place.
I started walking to the subway and travelled to the express bus terminal. Here I bought a ticket for a bus to Gwangju and only a few minutes later we already left to head for my next destination.

In the bus, I met an amazingly nice Korean guy. We talked a little and at one stop he got off to buy something and returned with a coffee and crackers as presents for me. That was such a kind action I was overwhelmed! Just buying stuff for a complete stranger! Something like this woudn’t happen in Germany. Once again I got to feel how amazing Asia is. I was very happy and thanked him so many times. It made the bus ride awesome that he was sitting next to me.

Still, I slept a lot because I didn’t get much sleep last night because I was way too hyped from the concert to sleep.

After 3:30 hours, we arrived in Gwangju and I followed the directions I found on the internet to get to my next Hostel. The first steps were amazingly easy and very well described. I got to the bus stop and on as well as off the bus without problems. But after that, my horrible sense for directions woke up again, making me walk in the wrong direction. I then found out that the place I had in the description was different from the one I found on google maps. I walked to the spot that was a little further, just to find out it was the wrong one. After walking up and down many hills, I finally arrived at the right spot, just to find out, my room was at the place I had walked to first. So I had to go back there. In all this heat and humid and with my backpack still on my back. Luckily the owner was friendly and took one of my bags while guiding me to my room.

Originally I booked a dormitory room, but he promoted me to a double room for myself without expecting any extra payment! Then he showed me around and explained about free breakfast and then invited me into the Café/PUB.

After taking out all my stuff and taking a shower, I walked down to the Café and started planning my two days here.


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