June 9th

Yesterday was the probably most amazing day in my whole life. I decided to go to Jonghyun’s concert. I got there at noon to ask about the tickets and how the selling would be and they told me to I should come back in the evening because they’d start selling tickets at 6:30 pm.

Having heard that, I started to be super nervous and happy because there was a real chance for me to get a ticket. But because the sale would start in the evening, I texted Juliette and we met at Seoul forest. This was a nice park (but not a real forest somehow) with even deers and bunnies inside. It was amazing to just relax there and watch the animals (of which you can’t find many in general in Seoul). We walked around a little there but within 20 seconds, the weather changed from “amazing warm and sunny” to “oh shit it’s about to rain”. So, we decided to hurry back to the subway without having seen the whole park.

I took the subway back to Samseong station and got up to the top floor to wait for the sale to start. Here I met wo girls from the states with whom I talked a little and spent the rest of the time until the concert would begin.

I was super nervous and excited and when they took us down to the selling counter and I could finally buy a ticket (for second floor only but still I got one!) I was about to scream and cry and shout and jump around. I was so incredibly happy I have no words. Jonghyun is the one person I wanted to see more than anyone else life and this was really happening.

Having bought the ticket, we still had some free time because every ticket had a seat number, so It would be perfectly fine to be back only some minutes before the concert would start. We walked around a little, watched a short life performance from TRAX in front of the building and the went to the Café to stay there a little. About half an hour before the concert would start, I walked up to the floor at which they sold merchandise to buy two fans and a lightstick before taking a stamp on my ticket and then entering the hall.

Idiot me had the possibility to just cheat into a seat on first floor (cause they let me in without really checking and I didn’t know I was at the wrong door) but when I noticed, I walked to the staff and they send me up to the second floor. Still, I was so close to him and had such an amazing view and I was simply overwhelmed. I cried throughout the whole concert and I think I died in there. This concert was the most amazing thing I was able to experience here. I’ve seen him life. So close…

After the concert, I stepped out and there were a bunch of fans waiting already. So, I joined them and took out my mobile phone (because I was scared to miss the chance of seeing him again while taking out my camera) and hit the picture button without thinking as soon as he appeared. The whole leaving-thing was about some seconds only and my pictures turned out to be horrible quality but still this was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

The concert was more than just awesome and lasted for around 2:30 hours. I was overwhelmed and hyper and crying and happy and excited and probably the most emotional person all around there. I couldn’t sleep or concentrate for a very long time and I think I maybe managed to finally fall asleep at 3am. Right now I am still so unbelievably happy and excited about it, that I woke up at 7am and couldn’t fall asleep again.


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