June 11th

Yesterday, I had an amazing breakfast, cooked by the owner of this Hostel. It is amazing how he owns the Hostel, keeps everything clean and tidy and also owns a Café/Pub and cooks for his guests. He helps with everything and is very kind and friendly!

After having had breakfast, I packed everything and walked towards the bus stop. On my way, I bought some food for a picnic and then I got to the next bus stop, from which I had to take a bus to the Unjusa Temple. It took a while until I the right bus arrived and every time I asked the driver first, until I got into the right one.

About two hours later, I arrived at the Temple. I still had to walk around ten minutes, but then I saw some beautiful pagodas and several stone buddhas standing on a field. I looked around, amazed by the beauty of this place. The field was surrounded by mountains and I started to climb one of them. It was a small one, but the view from up there was stunning. The place was truly beautiful and peaceful. I even saw a deer jumping around only a few meters next to me.

I continued walking around the area and ended up climbing another mountain. This one was higher and had a huge rock on it’s top. I climbed up and found the most perfect place for a picnic. I sat down there and just enjoyed the view and the day and relaxed a little.

The weather was amazing, but it was very hot and humid, so I was sweating a lot. Walking around was really tiring, so I enjoyed this break even more.

When I finally continued, I walked down this mountain and climbed another one, to the lying buddha, a stone buddha that was created in a lying position, so you have to look at it from a higher point to really see the buddha. It was amazing! All of the statues were unique ad beautiful. And in addition to that, there is a huge mystery about this temple. No one knows who built it or why and why there are so many stone buddhas and pagodas, but the temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

Especially the nature and the stone buddhas and pagodas were amazingly beautiful, maybe because such stone buildings fit in the nature perfectly well and so they can push an area’s beauty even more.

However, I enjoyed the day a lot. When I was about to leave, it took me some time to find the bus stop back to Gwangju, but I finally made it and then returned to the hostel.


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