June 12th

Today, I made a day trip to Damyang. It’s a beautiful town near Gwangju and it has a famous bamboo forest you can visit.

I walked to the Bus terminal and took the bus to Damyang. After around one hour, we arrived and I first just walked around a little. I’ve seen several amazing huge bamboo figures and even a bamboo gate.
Soon I walked on to the forest. I had to pay an entrance fee of 3000 won and then I could enter the forest, which also contains museums and Hanok houses you can visit for free.

I walked around and had a look at all the beautiful pavilions and rest places, creative bamboo benches, bamboo hammocks and of course all the bamboo around. It took about two to three hours to explore the whole forest and I enjoyed it a lot. Additionally, the temperature in the forest is always 4-7 degrees cooler than outside, so it was perfect for walking around.

After this, I decided to buy some lunch which was recommended by the staff of my hostel. I bought the noodles in a restaurant near the river of Damyang and enjoyed the weather, the view and of course the meal.

The noodles were great, but a little spicy, so I bought some bamboo ice cream after my lunch. It was delicious! Not that sweet and some real ice cream (which is not that common in Asia) and in addition, the cone was a real waffle cone. Not these paper like cones I usually had.

After having eaten lunch, I just walked around some more next to the river and enjoyed the nature in this beautiful town.

In the evening, I took the bus back to the terminal in Gwangju and walked back to the hostel.


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