June 13th

Today I had to move to another Hostel again. This time in Busan for one whole week! I am really looking forward to being at the beach and just lay down in the sun, doing nothing…~

I started with packing everything before having the last great breakfast at Pedro’s House. Then I just grabbed my luggage and walked to the bus stop, took a bus to the terminal and bought a cheap ticket to Busan. Since I wanted the cheap one, I had to wait quite a lot, but I made the best out of it, watching some series.

At 1 pm, I got on the bus to Busan. It took three hours to get there and after having arrived, I had to take the subway to Haeundae Beach. Here I searched some minutes for my Hostel. Luckily, it wasn’t as hard to find as I thought. The check in and everything afterwards was no problem and since it was still early in the evening, I walked out a bit.

I walked to the beach to just have a look at it. There, I found some amazing sand sculptures (probably for the sand festival, held in June). They are the most amazing sand art I’ve ever seen!
To make these, sand hills have been made and the art was just craved into these hills. It is breathtaking! I really wish I could watch someone creating such an amazing work!

Sadly, it started to rain soon, so I just took pictures of everything quite fast. However, on my way back, I saw a magician and I stopped to watch his show. It was great! He had a deck of white cards and turned one after another with several new tricks into one specific card and at the end he showed all the white cards, placed them on the table and spread them. Then he turned them and all of them were this one special card. He was great at this and I enjoyed the show in the rain.

After this I hurried back and got inside. All the Koreans were taking out umbrellas and rain coats already, even though there were only a few drops of rain. Still, I didn’t want to be catched in some heavy rain, so I got back.


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