June 15th

Today it’s been three months since I took the plane to Japan~

I started with jogging again and it’s seriously hard to do here. I feel like dying because of the heat and air here. Still, I somehow managed 10 km in a horrible time.

After that I took a shower and just fell asleep again until it was time for breakfast.

Then I just started walking. Originally, I wanted to walk to a temple, but after spending more than one hour in the burning sun, walking up a mountain all the time and finally getting to a pavilion (from which no trail continued), I decided to rest a little there and enjoy the view I had, before returning to Haeundae. I just checked the distance and I walked about 4-5 km and there were still more than 5 to go until I’d have reached the temple. And thinking about walking the whole way back was too much for me. After the 10 km this morning, I really didn’t feel like walking 20 this day, up a mountain in the burning sun without any money with me so I couldn’t even buy something to drink if I emptied my bottle. So, I returned after having rested a bit at the pavilion.

Then I stopped at an old metro track which seemed to be a route for tourists. I just followed it a little and then rested in a canopy swing.

After a while, I walked on to Haeundae beach and laid down there for an hour or two, walked into the cold water a little but never undressed, because I got a horrible sunburn yesterday.

Then I returned to my hostel and just relaxed and looked forward to today’s dinner (well it’s gonna be yoghurt and cornflakes and bananas, to ease my muscle ache hopefully)


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