June 17th

Today I wanted to go to Geunjeongsanseong fortress. I asked a lady at my hostel and she told me how to get there by subway and bus. Sadly, I first missed the bus stop and ended up somewhere at the final bus stop. Here the bus driver said I had to transfer to another bus. I did, but the only thing that happened was the bus driver driving the exact same way back. The new driver told me to get off at one certain stop and I did, hoping to find the fortress.

After walking a short while, I arrived at the east gate. I entered happily and started searching for the building I expected to be inside. But nothing could be found. So, I asked several people but no one could help me.

I then decided to just walk next to the wall, hoping to find at least something similar to what I expected to find there. However, when I was almost at the north gate, I asked another person and he told me I had to walk back and just follow him. I was hoping he knew where he lead me. When we arrived at the place he wanted to take me to, I noticed it was just my starting point. Very close to the final bus stop.

That was damn frustrating. I was checking several maps around there, but all of them only showed the wall and the gate. So, I guess the fortress is nothing more and I was able to see the beautiful east gate and walk alongside the wall for only 3 hours in the heat of this day.

I decided to take the next bus back and one hour later, I arrived at Haeundae station.

Here I just walked around a little, having a look at the food market (the way they treat the fish here really made me want to vomit and become vegetarian immediately). Somewhere not near the fish shops, I found a baby Taiyaki shop. The mini sized fish cakes looked so cute, I bought some of them and then returned to my hostel.


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