June 19th

Today I started with jogging again before I had to do my laundry. This actually means handing it over to the staff here and waiting four hours for them to finish. What’s funny is that they told me to give them my clothes when they open their front desk. However, the cleaning period starts three hours later and guests are supposed to leave the hostel during cleaning time. So, I had to ask if I could stay in the hostel at least until everything’s done and I got my clothes back. Luckily, they agreed, so I waited until 12am and then left soon after.

I met Leo, the Korean guy I met on Friday, again today and he treated me for a coffee at Starbucks, a huge ice cream at Baskin Robbins, some self-made grapefruit ade and he invited me first to a gaming hall and later into a place where we have a room a TV, games and (I suppose it’s free) free food and drinks. It was an amazing day and I learned so much about how Koreans spend some of their free time.

After that, I took the subway back to my hostel. Here I had to prepare for my leave tomorrow. I packed my backpack and my other bag already, finally managed to clean my drinking bottles thoroughly and then took a shower.


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