June 20th

Today, I moved from Busan to Andong.

I first had to take the subway and managed to miss my transfer station. Then I got off the train, just to notice I couldn’t just walk to the other side and take the subway in the different direction. So, I had to wait for the next train and wait ten more stations for the next transfer. But then I was at the right line and the final stop was luckily directly connected to the bus terminal.

Here I bought my ticket and got to the bus that was leaving soon after. It took about three hours to Andong terminal and 20 minutes by bus to my hostel. It was super easy to find and I soon was done with the check in and arriving.

Then I looked for some close tourist attractions and decided to walk to the Wolyeonggyo Bridge and the Andong Folk Village one hour from here.

The bridge was beautiful! It is not a suspension bridge and it doesn’t even cross the river in a straight line, but in and “S” shape. In the middle, there is a pavilion from which you have an amazing view on the river and the surroundings.
Just a few meters next to the bridge are the first buildings of the village. You can have a look at traditional Korean hoses, a water-wheel and even a huge and beautiful gate. The village is located at the side of a mountain so you have to climb higher and higher to see all of it.

After this, I walked back to the hostel and on my way, I found something that looked like a temple and a pagoda. The buildings were beautiful as well and I took a lot of pictures before finally returning to the hostel.

Here I asked about the timetable of bus as well as train to Gyeongju. Unfortunately, the times are not as good as I wished them to be and I won’t have much time there, so I didn’t decide if it’s really worth to go there or if I better just stay in Andong and visit Gyeongju when I come to Korea again.


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