June 21st

Today, I visited the Icheondong Stone Buddha. To do so, I had to take a bus. Unfortunately, my google maps showed me the wrong place as well as the wrong station to get off, so I ended up in the middle of nowhere. I walked around, searching for this huge buddha, but couldn’t find it. Luckily, a little while after I gave up on finding the buddha around that area, an old Korean guy arrived on his motorbike. I asked him about Icheondong and showed him the picture. He tried to describe how I’d get there, but I couldn’t understand a word and he couldn’t show it on my map. So, he just decided to let me join him on his motorbike and after a two minutes ride, we arrived at the statue. I thanked him several times and then he left. I took some pictures and then had the next problem: How would I get to my next stop?

I walked around at the area near the stone buddha and found a tourist information hut. Inside were two very nice Korean ladies. I asked them how to get to Bongjeongsa Temple and they started checking their lists and also searched on the internet. After a few minutes had passed, they invited me to just step in and even offered me coffee while I was waiting for them to find a solution.
After some more minutes of searching, they decided to take me there by car and soon we left in their private car.

It didn’t take long but I couldn’t thank them enough for driving me there. I got off the car, bought my ticket and walked to the temple. The old buildings were beautiful and the view I had from up the mountain was amazing! I took my time there and captured all the buildings and beautiful spots.
Then, I got to a small information hut and asked about the cave that was supposed to be near, but after they managed to understand me, they told me not to go there, because it would be dangerous. They told me a boar was running around that area. So, I had no choice but to walk back.

Now, I tried to find another bus stop and walked about 15 minutes back until I finally found one. But I didn’t really understand the timetable and just prayed that this stop was still in use. After waiting there for about half an hour, a bus appeared, but it was going to the temple. I asked the driver if he’d drive to the bus terminal as well and he explained he’d drive to the temple, stay there some time and then drive on to the terminal. So, I got in and enjoyed the air conditioner that was running inside until we arrived at the terminal. Here, I looked for the next bus I had to take. Once again, the timetable was super confusing and I just waited for the bus to appear. It did. After almost 45 minutes.

I finally got on the bus and was now on my way to the last stop: Hahoe Village and Buyeongdae Cliff. It took about an hour to get there. Having arrived, I bought a ticket and walked to the information center. The lady was very friendly and talked a lot with me, asking about my journey and explaining the most important places to visit inside the village.

I spend about two hours in there, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful area with all these traditional Korean houses as well as the pine tree forest and the view I had on the cliff. It was amazing walking around there and getting the chance to have a look at the traditional way of living inside these houses.

When I had visited everything in the village, I walked back to the bus stop and then took the bus to Andong station to get back to my hostel.

Tomorrow, I’ll make my day trip to Gyeongju and visit Juliette there and do all the sight-seeing stuff with her together.


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