June 22nd

Today I wanted to jog in the morning but when I was about to start I just realized, I didn’t know at which time I could get back in because the door has an automatic looking System. So I was forced to stay inside and just waited for breakfast and prepared my stuff to leave early for gyeongju. 
I met at 11:30 with juliette at the Bus Terminal in gyeongju and we started walking around. First we visited some amazing tombs which are to be found all around the area. 

Then we walked to a very old Bell and continued to Cheomseongdae Observatory which was the first astronomical observatory in whole Korea. It is more than 1500 years old and was never destroyed nor rebuilt. It was amazing to just have a look at such an old building.
Then we continued to gierig forest and rested a little in the shades of the trees. We happened to see a non-shy squirrel that was running close to us and even stopping right next to our feet, starting curiously at us.
After we renewed our energy, we walked through the Gyochon Hanok Village and had a look at the confucian school before heading towards the Gyeongju National Museum. On our way, we happened to walk into a short Film explaining about how they built the most famous buildings of gyeongju back in silla Periode. 

We happily accept the conditioned air inside and enjoyed learning about the sightseeing-spots.
Then we walked on to the Museum und spend about one and a half hour in there, learning about the silla Periode, the buildings and also about buddhism as well as relicts found inside the tombs. In another part of the Museum, they exhibited relicts found in the Pond at donggung palace, showing almost everything from decorations to everyday goods like nifes and chopsticks.
After this, we visited the palace and it’s beautiful Garden. The pond was man-made and it’s shaped symbolizes the korean peninsula. The three Islands inside are thought to be China (the biggest one), Japan (the one in the east) and jeju Island (the tiny one). It is amazing how much the outer line of the pond looks like Korea and the rest of east asia. You almost feel like your at a mini-version of some Coast, getting a look at the east asian ocean. 

It was amazing. 
Afterwards we walked back into the direction of the Station, but first we stopped at a food and household-goods market that 

Seemed to be like I always imsgined a market in Korea. We walked around. Just looking at all the things, but didn’t buy anything. 

Then we finally got back to the Bus Terminal. Here we bought some gyeongju bread (of course a gyeongju speciality) and then I waited for my Bus to head back to andong.

In the Bus I just found out my Laptop seems to be completely done now. It’s Screenshots only turns greay when I switch it on but that’s basically it. Noe I have to deal with this and write my posts on my phone, beging for everything to be saved and posted without further Problems.


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