June 25th &26th

Yesterday didn’t happen much. I moved from andong to Seoul taking for a change the train instead of the Bus. 

When leaving the train station in Seoul, it was raining so hard like I’ve only Seen it once in my life before. When I was walking I stepped in puddles everywhere and one was as Deep as my ankles. My shoes got soaked and with every stop I was taking, they leaked. 

But since it was still pretty warm outside it was more fun and a little annoying than a real Problem.

Having arrived, I started preparing for today. I unpacked my jogging clothes as well as clothes for Dancing. Then I skyped with my family and once again completely forgot about the Blog.
This morning, it was raining again and I had to Run through this. It wasn’t that nice, I was pretty slow, it was still humid and hot and I didn’t really like it. Nevertheless I finished. 

Afterwards I took a shower, had breakfast and got ready for Dancing. I was so damn excited and nervous, I took such an early Bus that I arrived more than one hour early. 

I waited at the SUM Café and when the time had finally come, I got more and more nervous and couldn’t stand waiting any longer.

The staff ladies showed us around inside the building, showing the library, the cafè and the SUM Mart, which Sold thousands of different merchandise items. Mostly “personalized” or better say “idolized” food. Like SHINee popcorn and TVXQ chocolate Balls. However they had Tons of other items like albums,  vinyls, and even casetts and keychains, Magnets and so many more. 

I took my time walking around there having a close look on all the curiosities. 

After that we finally got to enter the Dance training room, which is also used by the Idols whenever they are preparing for a concert. 

Because of this, we were not allowed to take pictures inside. Still, I loved knowing that while being in there. 

Then we met the Dance Trainer. And he did an amazing Job! I enjoyed learning “Dancing King” so much I really can’t believe it. Everything seemed to be so easy and smooth and perfect! And he is a hella good dancer and choreographer and Trainer. If I could, i’d just take him with me and here him as our Personal Trainer. That would be real amazing.

He showed and explained the chorus (and somehow managed to really count eight 8s. {Seriously, why does this always work in a dance Class but never when we try this?!}) and after about one hour I was able to dance it in time without any Problems. 

Sadly the Dance Class had to end sometime. Still, we got to take pictures of the room from outside as well as taking pictures with the amazing yknow and I even got a sign from him! Somehow this turned into a Fan sign event right after the Dance Class.

After this, I walked through Jamsil and sangpo to visit LOTTE WORLD TOWER, LOTTE WORLD MALL, the Park nearby and the Olympic Park. 

Unfortunately, it started to Rain and soon a thunderstorm was approaching. I didn’t feel that comfortable climbing a hill surrounded by trees, Holding up my umberella while there were lighning bolts all around. So, I hurried and rather Russen through the Park to get back to a station soon.

Still, it took about one hour until I got to a Safe and dry place finally. After this, I really just wanted to get back to the hostel and took the next Subway.


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