June 27th

Today I spend some time at Yeouido in the Yeouido Hangang Park and Yeouido Park. I got my stamp at E-land Cruise and then just walked around there. 

In the afternoon, I walked to Hongdae and found the “Café de One Piece”. It was amazing! I bought a Fire fruit macaroon and Zoro fizz. These didn’t only look amazing, but were delicious as well! The devil fruit tasted like orange and lemon and the fizz had the taste of Green Apple. An amazing combination. And the interior was damn perfect. One piece figures, Posters, Sketches, the bounties, paper figures from every straw-hat member and so many more. I could have bought everything there!
After this, I kept walking through hongdae, window shopping at all the street Shops there before trying to get to The Haneul Park. 

I wanted to walk there and somehow managed to end up in the middle of a highway. Here, I got picked up by the Police (holy shit) and they told me I would have to use the Bus or Subway to get to the Park. 

They stopped their car at a Subway station and I thanked them several times before leaving.

However, I noticed that it was already pretty late and it would be a long way to get back, so I decided to skipping the Park and just head back home by Subway.


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