June 28th

Today I walked to Namsan Seoul Tower to get my last stamp. The way there was seriously exhausting. It was so humid and hot today that I was soaked when I finally reached the top of that small Mountain. It took more than two hours to walk there and when I was finally at the right Spot I had to sit down for a while. 

I got my stamp and when I felt a little more energetic again, I started my walk back down. My next Destination was Namdaemun. Here I looked for Souvenirs once more and I finally found some. It took a while to find the right Shop, but I guess I got a little something for everyone now. 

From there, I walked to Myeongdong to look for some more kpop merchandise. I’ve been there Twice before but never found a good Shop. This time, I asked some of the tourist information people and they told me where I could find a good Shop. I bought some stuff there as well and could finally walk back to my hostel at ease, knowing I bought at least a little bit for my friends back home. 

Originally, I had planned to do some hiking in the afternoon, but I was still so done from the small Mountain in the morning, I truely didn’t want to continue walking. So, I simply got back, showered and changed and relaxed a little.


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