June 29th & 30th

Yesterday I wanted to simply do nothing. However, I decided to go hiking at Mount Inwangsan. So, I had breakfast and then started walking. It took about two hours to get to the Mountain,  two hours to climb up (and the last 400m I really had to climb), one to get back down and two to walk back. So about the whole day. 

Still the view I had from up there was amazing! It was worth everything. 
After that Trip, I needed to shower and then had to pack my backpack for the leave today. I pushed this quite a lot until it was really late.

I finally decided to do all the packing stuff and organize everything into the backpack and it took me about 40 minutes at least. But I really managed to get everything in there. I am seriously proud I made it. It seemed to be impossible. 
Today I woke up early and just got ready for my leave. I had breakfast and then took the next Bus to the ariport. Here I dropped my luggage and exchanged my mobile Ticket for a real one. 

Then I had plenty of time left, which I spend walking around a little at the ariport, eating a garlic pretzel and just relaxing waiting for my plane. 

At 3pm I could finally enter the plane and soon we left Korea.

The flight wasn’t long and It felt like we already started the landing approach just seconds after reaching cuisine Level. 

Soon I was back to Japan, got my luggage and happen onto the next Subway. 

Two hours later I arrived at my hostel and I seemed to look seriously exhausted cause they immediately offered me a seat and some water…

After checking in, I dropped my luggage at my room, met an amazing Russin Artist who gave me some of her works as a random present and then got downstairs to the hostel bar where I took part in the meet-up event, just talking to some nice other guests here.


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