July 1st

It’s already July! And tomorrow my friend is arriving here in Japan. I am already looking forward to it a lot! 
I had a great breakfast this morning. After that, I walked around a little until I arrived at the Temple. Being back in Japan really feels nice. I enjoyed finally seeing the beautiful Japanese architecture and especially Japanese Gardens again. 

Everything was so overwhelming, I spend a lot of time just Standing around and staring at the buildings or the pond, the pagoda, the bridge…
When It started raining, I took shelter at the Main building of the Temple. Soon I heared a drum being played and looked inside. It seemed to be an open-to-the-public ceremony, but since I didn’t know fir sure, I waited outside of the room and just looked inside. Soon a friendly guy invited me to enter the room and so I could take part in this. It was really amazing even though the ceremony ended soon. I enjoyed it a lot and still stayed at the Temple a little longer. 

In the afternoon, I got back to my hostel and just relaxed a little from all the Stress it takes to Travel by plane. 

Later I bought a microwave Bento (those are seriously delicious!!!) and some Juice for lunch/dinner.


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