July 3rd

Today, I was running as always on Mondays in the morning. I managed to get to Asakusa again, which made me really happy since I really knew where I was around that area. I somehow feel almost home in Asakusa already after the first 15 days I lived there.

After running, I washed my clothes, started packing and did my best to dry all of it.
It didn’t really work well, so we decided to first just go to have (fancy) breakfast and then pack the clothes as they are and to dry them in the next Hotel. So, we went to the Café and got to choose between six different meals. Both of us picked the pancakes with salad and one free drink. It was delicious!

Having eaten breakfast, we bought some lunch snacks for our long Shinkansen Tour and then left for the Subway and after that Tokyo station. From there, we took a Shinkansen to Nagoya and another train to Kii-Katsuura station. It is somewhere in such a little village far away from any huge-city-civilization. It is really nice and cozy here. The room is almost as amazing as the one I had at Watanabe’s home (of course nothing can ever come even near to the most amazing thing I experienced in my whole life: living at Watanabe’s place for 20 days). They even have an onsen here. The Hotel is located at Japan’s coast and surrounded by mountains and nature, which make all of this amazingly beautiful.

Sometime in the evening, we decided to change over our whole trip (because of the train costs and we can’t get a rail pass), so we had quite a lot of stress, not knowing how to leave this quite village again. But we made it all, saved a lot of money doing so and got great new Hotels (okay hopefully great).We strolled around a little in the evening and afterwards, I took a bath in the onsen. It felt amazing finally doing this again and I just noticed how much I missed soaking in a hot bath these past months.


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