July 4th

Today, we originally wanted to go to the Nachi-Fall at Nachi Mountain, but we got warned about a monsun by the hotel staff. So, we decided to just walk around the bay and at the beach. Even though it was hot and humid at first and rainy soon after, we enjoyed the day.

We simply walked around or sat down at a bench (that seemed to be rather dry), talked and had lunch outside. The rain combined with wind was a little annnoying, because we had to protect our cameras and phones, but we found a good solution very soon: My friend took the backpack and the umbrella, protecting everything, while I walked next to him, getting soaked.

Still, I enjoyed it a lot. We also had been in the ocean (only a little with our legs) and then after having walked back through the sand, we couldn’t dry or clean our feet, so we walked barefoot back to the Hotel and I carried our shoes. I was dripping wet when we got back, but it was a real nice day. Especially walking in warm rain and just not caring about getting soaked was really nice.

After this, both of us took a great and refreshing bath in the onsen. Then we spend some time in our room before buying lunch and just relaxing.


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