July 5th

So today is a special day: I won’t write the blog entry myself, but just let my friend, who is traveling with me right now, tell about our day:

In contrast to yesterdays rather wet experience, today has been dryer, hotter, sunnier and definitely culturally richer. After a long night of sleep and Lisa’s early morning portion of madness (as I call it – she calls it „get up at 5 am and run 12 km), we enjoyed a meaty japanese breakfast and headed out to yesterdays original destination „Nachi waterfall“. With the advise of our hosts in the back of our heads („It’s hard, maybe 3 to 4 hours and not flat“) packed some water and food and began our march.
Fighting both the high temperature and the mercyless sun for an hour or so, we eventually quited fighting and took the local bus to the waterfall (which is a world heritage since 2004). And oh boy…it’s beautiful. No wonder why the Shinto religion build a shrine here to worship its natural beauty. So if you come to Japan and have some time to spare for natural wonders, mark Nachi on your map.

But besides these drops of water falling down, the Shinto shrine and the buddhist temple are also worth a look. Especially if one likes old buildings, the temple is worth a visit (it’s from 1590!). So after sightseeing and a bit of rain, fortunately not as much as yesterday, we eventually turned our focus on heading down the hill to catch the bus back to town. Of course it would have been possible to take the bus straight from the first station, but first: This would have been way to easy and second: we would have missed a beatifull walk down a long stairwalk thorugh the forest accompanied by a bit of rain.

Fortunately this rain helped cool down the air a lot and when the sun eventually decided to show up again, we already were at the beach, taking a bath in the kinda warm Pacific ocean. An awesome refreshment after a long day of hiking and being impressed by Japan’s heritage. And it’s also a good end to our stay here in the awesome middle of nowhere.


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