July 7th

Today, I was jogging in the morning and got a nice view of a rising, glowing sun.
Afterwards, I took a shower and a little later, when we were done dressing, we got down to have breakfast. It was seriously the best breakfast I had in my whole time here (of course excluding everything I got at Watanabe’s, because their food and home and everything is incompareable)!

This breakfast was a buffet style with rice, soup, tofu, salad, omelet, sausages, noodles, takoyaki, various vegetables, watermelon, honeymelon, oranges, bread, chocolate bread, sweet breads, egg salad, youghurt, jam, juice, milk, coffee and tea. I loved it. It was amazing! And really delicous!

Having eaten way too much, we packed everything and started our one hour walk to a beautiful park in which the international garden and greenery expo took place in 1990. So, we visited all the pavilons of the various countries.

In whole, we spend about four hours in there. I also got the chance to see some horses from very close once again (finally! It’s been so long qq).

After this, we walked another hour to Osaka Castle, which was truely beautiful and stunning, and then hiked around that area and took a few pictures, before heading back to the hotel.


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