July 8th

July 8th

Today, we had another gorgeous breakfast before taking the train to Nara. We walked to Nara Park and the temple and on our way hundreds of deers were running around freely. First, we only saw some behind a fence with an almost open gate (only two strings which could easily be crossed symbolized a „door“). The most fascinating thing about these deers was the fact that they didn’t leave the fenced area, eventhough they could have.

When we continued, we spotted some people, who sold „deer crackers“ and a lot of people who fed the deers with these. Now we also noticed all the deers relaxing everywhere around. In the shades of the trees next to the street, in the park, in a stream, even at the temple and shrine. They didn’t run from people at all. Only the babies seemed to be scared sometimes.

First, we visited the Shrine, which is located in a forest and therefore it was a little bit cooler than outside. The buildings were beautiful, but it was very crowded, so we quickly moved on from the main building to the outer houses, where almost no one was around. Only a lot of cicades were to be heard (and holy s***…they were loud from time to time).

After that, we walked on to the temple. The area was nice, but crowded as well. We took some pictures and then again decided to have a look at the side buildings. There was a golden pagoda, which was amazingly beautiful. It was build for the Expo 1970 and then moved to the temple.

We also spend some time here, away from all the other tourists, relaxing a little and enjoying nature and the temple’s buildings around us.

In the afternoon, we decided to head back to the hotel and only stopped at one shop to buy some shaved ice, which helped to cool down a little in all this heat and was a yummy light snack.



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