July 9th

Today, we walked to the Shitenno-ji Temple, which had a beautiful Pagoda and some pretty buildings. However, we didn’t spend much time there, because it was rather small compared to the huge ones we’ve seen yesterday.

From there, we walked on to Osaka Castle again and spend the rest of the day in the museum, which needed a whole lot more time than we thought. It was super crowded and all the people made it less enjoyable, but still, there were a lot of interesting exhibits as well as many information on the castle, the region, some rulers and the wars that happened here.

When we left, it had started to rain and after a few moments, my shoes were soaked once again. Luckily, we already wanted to head back to the hotel anyway, so it wasn’t that much of a problem. It will just be annoying tomorrow morning when I’ll be jogging again.


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