July 11th

Yesterday, we tried walking to several sights, but the heat and the sun stopped us from doing so. We ended up just walking to Fushimiinari Shrine and all the beautiful Torii. There we tried to get away from the crowd and decided to hike to the mountain top.

It was really exhausting and both of us looked like we took a shower while wearing our clothes as we reached the top. It was way too hot and humid there, but we finally made it. On our way we had a look at a waterfall, but all the spiders gave me goosebumps and I decided to flee from that place after a few seconds.

Having reached the top, we took another way back down and then already thought about going back to the hotel (because we were both done for the day). However, we tried to move on to Kyoto station, but ended up taking a train there at some point because we honestly couldn’t continue walking in that heat any longer.

Kyoto Station itself has a lot to visit. So, we spend about two hours there before taking the train back to the hotel, taking a shower, having dinner and then going to sleep.


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