July 12th

Yesterday, we tried to start walking not in the middle of the noon-heat, which lead to us leaving the hotel around 1:30 pm. We walked to the next train station and got off at Kiyomizu-gojo station. From here, it was about 20 minutes to Kiyomizudera. On our way, we walked past several temples and had an amazing view. In addition, there were only a few tourists on this path. It was the maybe best way to get there.

Having arrived, we got somehow hit by the crowd. It was immediately louder and both of us felt like there were too many people around. We had a look at all the buildings, only to notice, Kiyomizudera itself was covered since it was being restored. You could walk past the building around a path up the mountain and back to the front entrance, but both of us didn’t want to pay the entrance fee for this. So, we continued and walked through the tourist crowd next to all the souvenir shops back to the station.

There we took a train to Kyoto Garden, in which Kyoto Imperial Palace and Omiya Palace are located. Sadly, both of them were already closed as we arrived. We simply walked around the park, sat down and enjoyed our music as well as nature around us.

In the evening, we took a train back to our hotel and even though we didn’t walk much, both of us were tired and exhausted.


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