July 14th

Today was our last Day in Kyoto and we decided to visit some Temples and Shrines, including Ginkakuji (the Silver Pavillon). It was an amazing area and walking there was a good decision. We found some beautiful Spots on the way. 

The whole area around Ginkakuji was beautiful and we saw a physical effect, which is super amazing, for the first time ever in our lives (it is about drops of water Dancing on water for a while before fading and becoming one with the larger one)!

We spend quite a while apreciating this effect before walking on. The Garden was an amazing place from unique beauty.  The description we read before entern sure was right!

After that, we took a Bus to Kyoto station. Here we bought our shinkansen Tickets for tomorrow and then walked to our last Destination: Gion area. We thought, maybe there would be a part of gion matsuri be taking place, but it was just crowded without any sign of a Festival. So we decided to head back but had to stop at the river to apreciate another natural phenomenon. The Sun was covering the Hills in a golden Light and it looked like they were glowing. It was stunning. We just stared for a while. With the Sun setting, the Light changed and coloured the clouds dark purple which was another amazing view. I don’t know how long we just stood there, staring at the beautiful sight, before decided to leave the crowd behind and head back to the hotel.


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