July 15th

Yesterday, we moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. It was a nice trip, since we got to take the Shinkansen. And this time I really felt the speed. We were so damn fast! IT was amazing. In less than three hours we covered a distance of 500km. It’s unbelievable!

Soon after arriving, we got to our hotel and holy shit our room is big and fancy with a balcony and even a sofa! The location is somehow perfect. Right next to a train station (yeah literally right next to it. When we walk outside, turn right, 20 m anf we’re already inside the sation)!

We made ourselfs at home a little and started organizing what my friend will take with him back to Germany, before leaving again to go to a japanese festival in the evening. On our way from the station to the Shrine area, we didn’t notice anything, but as soon as we got close to the shrine, we could hear drum sounds and people having fun. Soon we got into the shrine and were surrounded by golden lanterns! There were so many and with the sun setting and the sky turning dark, everything became just more and more beautiful. Here, we also met Juliette again and spend the evening together.
Most Japanese were wearing traditional yukata, which made me wish I had brought mine here as well. Around 7pm, they started dancing around a round stage. IT was amazing! On the stage there were several older ladies dancing and showing the moves, while outside everyone could join and follow the dance. And so many people did join! It didn’t matter how ole. Children, their parents, young people, adults, old people (I really wish I can move like they did when I am as old as they were) everyone joined and it looked almost perfect! Like everyone just knew the dance. Even tourists could easily join, so Juliette and I decided to participate as well (as soon as it was dark enough).
Even though there were no rough movements, it was exhausting because of the heat and increasing humidity, but it was so much fun! We danced until it was over (about 8:30) and then watched the final drum performance, before walking around other parts of the shrine area.

We stayed there until some guards told us they would be closing the gates. So, we left the shrine, said our goodbyes and headed back to our hotel / hostel.


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