July 16th&17th

Yesterday, we met Juliette again. We visited Ginza area and I got another chance to have a look at these amazingly designed skyscrapers. Japans former most expensive street sure is something worth visiting. Sadly, I didn’t find the one building that looked most awesome of all – I’ve seen it once, two years ago, and tried to find it again, but failed twice.

Afterwards, we took an amazing self driving tram to Odaiba. From the first car, we had an amazing view and could enjoy the trip there a lot! Having arrived, we first walked around the area, visiting the statues and monuments Japanese people copied (Lady Liberty, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge) and joking about all the christmas decoration we found on our way.

From here, we moved on to both shopping centres: Aqua City and Diver City. In Aqua City, all three of us had a special shop, we wanted to visit: Oakley, New Balance and the Jump Shop. After that, we just strolled around until we got to the Diver City building. Here, we just did some window shopping and all three of us bought some postcards (seriously they are super hard to find in Japan!). Then we moved on to the huge Gundam statue, of which sadly only the feet were left.

Then we walked back to the bay, but I spotted some One Piece stuff at Fuji TV building, so I really had to go there. On the stairs, there was a picture of Luffy printed on them and on top, they had the whole Crew, some rookies, Doffy and Whitebeard and Ace as well as several small stores, the figures that are usually on the real Merry Go, Merry’s head and so many other things. I couldn’t stop freaking out in joy. I felt like I was in heaven! Soon will be the 20th anniversary and I really am looking forward to that!

After I calmed down, we moved to the beach, stayed there for a while and later met a guy who needed a power pack for his phone to find his friends as well as the way back to his Air BnB, so we helped him out and just talked for about one hour. Then we watched a little of the lantern festival at Odaiba beach, but soon we noticed lightning in the sky and decided to head back as soon as possible.
Still we stayed close to the station a little longer to enjoy the amazing view on Tokyo bay at night, before heading back.

Today, the three of us met again and we visited Asakusa, the super crowded Temple, Nakamise dori, Kaminarimon, the Tourist Information Center and Asakusa Jinja. We also had Melon Pan with ice cream, which was delicious!

Then we walked to Asakusa amusment hall and Donquichotte there and bought some snacks before continuing to Ueno Park. In there, we just sat down togehter for about two hours and tried to relax and calm down, since everything was so crowded before.

In the evening, we decided to head to Akihabara, where we were simply stunned by all the overwhelming craziness, you got to see every time in TV when they talk about Japan. Akihabara is the first and only place, in which I ever experienced this site of Japan. I still love it and I’ll visit Akihabara again for sure (at least to buy loooots of Merchandise stuff).
When the sun was setting, we walked Juliette to her station before returning to our Hotel as well. She’ll leave Japan tomorrow and stay in Beijing for two days before heading back to France again. I wish her a good, safe and pleasant journey, lots of fun and I hope she’ll enjoy the last days left of her vacation.


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