July 22nd – 25th

I’ve decided to post only a few Things during my stay at mt fuji. The Most important reason is, that there os almost nothing to tell. I spend my days here relaxing, watching videos, jogging according to my schedule and riding the bike to kawagichko city where I can buy some food for my dinners here.

Today was the first day I did something… a little different. I made a four hour trip by bike. First stop was Kawaguchiko station, where I bought my bus ticket for the trip to Kyoto. Next was Fuji Q Highland park. There, I asked about buying tickets in advance. My family and I will go there together and we wanted to buy the tickets now, when I am already there instead of nuying them the day we go to the park. Sadly, this wasn’t possible. So, my trip there was somehow a wasted one. Still, it was nice to just ride the bike around the lake.

Last stop was the supermarket I couldn’t find last time. Today, I found it and bought hopefully enough food for the rest of my stay here.


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