July 26th – August 1st

Today and somehow yesterday as well, I moved from Kawaguchiko to Kyoto via night bus. The days in Kawaguchiko have been nice and silent, but the weather wasn’t that great. It was almost all the time very cloudy, mount Fuji was hidden and a lot of times it was also raining.

The only good thing with this weather was, that the clouds were so close, I felt like I could almost touch them when I was outside. It looked simply amazing! Sadly, the pictures didn’t capture this impression.

Because of all the rain, I didn’t leave the Hostel a lot. It just wasn’t nice at all, since I can’t ride a bike and carry an umbrella, I always got wet when I left.

The last day was pretty damn awesome in contrast to all those cloudy and rainy days. It was rather hot and the sun was shining the whole time. Sadly, I had to spend the whole day at the station, taking care of my luggage and just walked a few meters up and down the street from time to time.

In the evening, my bus finally arrived and I had a bus ride until 5:30 the next morning. The bus wasn’t really special. It seemed to be a rather normal bus with blankets and USB charging ports. That’s it. According to that, I couldn’t sleep well that night (and the previous two nights haven’t been good either). So, I was happy when we arrived at Kyoto station. I took the next subway to my Hostel, walked there and was lucky someone let me in (since I arrived around 6 am and usually the doors open at 8). I was able to sit inside a cool room with wifi and rest a little. When the reception desk opened, I asked about the check in time and was informed it would be 4 pm (yeay so much more waiting…) but they could keep my luggage, so I was able to pack a few things like camera money and my documents and then leave for some sightseeing.

I walked to the four parks which surround Kyoto station. Three of them had Temples and Shrines inside which I all visited. In one of them, there was a mass taking place. I tried to focus, but managed to fall asleep for a few seconds (or minutes, who knows) at least three times. At the same time, my headache started. I didn’t feel that well and tried to help with buying some cold drinks. It only worked a little. For some more time, the headache wasn’t that bad, but the longer I was in all the heat and humidity, the worse it got.

Therefore, I was happy when I arrived at Kyoto station, only to notice that the building was rather open and it was still super hot and humid there.
I decided to walk through some shopping centers (honestly, Kyoto station is unbelievably huge and amazing!), which had a good air conditioning and thus helped my headache a little.
When I felt a little better, I walked back to the Hostel, arriving 30 minutes before check in. I thought the air conditioning would help again, but this time it got only worse with every minute. So, I was happy when I could check in, get into my room and lay down. I slept for four hours and had also taken an Aspirin. This is the only reason why I was able to shower and can now type on my laptop with only slight pain.

I decided to skip jogging tomorrow so I can sleep longer and also because I just don’t feel well. Maybe I’ll just push it and change to running Thursday and Saturday, but I don’t know yet.


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