August 4th

Today was my last day in Kyoto and I had only four things left to do: Jogging, visiting the imperial palace, doing my laundry and packing my backpack.

I did everything in precisely this order. I got up early after only a few hours of sleep and did my jogging. Then took a shower, changed, had breakfast and after that I started walking to Kyoto National garden.

I had already been there before. Together with my friend. However, the palace was already closed that time, so I had to go there again. I’ve read that you had to make a reservation to get in there, but when I arrived, I simply could enter. There was no que and I didn’t even had to pay an entrance fee, which was surprising, but great.

The palace area was beautiful. The buildings impressive and all the trees, bushes, flowers, everything there was stunning. A perfect garden around some amazing buildings.

I spend at least one hour in there, having a look at the buildings as well as the surrounding nature. At one part, there was even a pond which also contained two bridges, forming a stunning, beautiful and perfect Japanese garden. I couldn’t stop looking at that. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of Japanese gardens, always containing flowers, trees and bushes around a pond or a lake, with bridges, stone decorations, usually water plants and koi. Beautiful from every angle. Perfect no matter where you stand. Stunning, breath-taking, magnificent, marvellous.

The heat and humidity finally made me want to leave and so, I walked back to my hostel, buying a Matcha latte frappe on the way.

After that, I took a shower, did the laundry and packed everything, just as planned. Now only a few small things are left (and I even managed to fit the three new Yukata as well as the Obi inside my backpack).


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