August 6th & 7th

Yesterday, I was only strolling a little through Kawasaki, did some window shopping and relaxed most of the day. Part of it outside at tama river, part of it simply inside.

It didn’t happen much. In the evening, I made the last skype call with my family. In less than four days, they’ll be here~

Today, I first took the train to the Kodokan. In march, I’ve already been there and bought two balck belts. Sadly, the wrong ones. So, I had to go there again.
When I arrived at the shop, I took a picture of the belts they sold and walked back to the closest spot where I had wifi, which was a seven eleven shop. There, I waited about 1 hour for the reply before I could walk back and buy this time the right belts.

From there, I walked on to Akihabara. I wasn’t that far and I arrived rather quick.

I visited almost every shop there, looking at souvenirs, figures, plush and everything else they sold. I bought some stuff for my friends, but couldn’t find all I wanted to get. The next three days will probably be filled with shopping, since it’s the first real opportunity I have.
I won’t have to carry everything with me now, I’ll have more space to store everything away and I don’t have to be so careful with my money anymore. Only 18 days are left until I’ll be back home (holy fuck that was fast) and I am happy and excited, but also sad. I bet I’ll want to stay here longer, once my family will be here as well.

Especially in Tokyo, I feel great and somehow home in general, so right now, I am not as homesick as I was in other cities. Right now, I am rather sad, that everything will be over so soon. I seriously feel like I could continue living like this forever.


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