About Me and My Journey

I am a 19 year old girl and I love Japan and anything that is connected to it for many years now.
As a result my dream has always been to travel to Japan,
meet the people living there and just learn as much as I can about language, mindset, culture, religion and life in general.
I don’t want to be only a tourist even though I sure will be so many times but I want to live there like it’s my second home.

It actually already feels like this.

I’ve been to this beautiful land once now.
For 10 days and it felt like 10 seconds.
As I had to enter the plane to take the flight back to germany I almost just didn’t to stay there a little longer.
So now I made my plans to have a stay for more than 5 months, which I’ll use to enjoy living as much as I can.

For everyone who wants to know: some random facts about me~

  1. Name: Lisa
  2. Age: 19
  3. Hair colour: blonde – brunette
  4. Eye colour: changes from grey to blue togreen
  5. Favourite food: Ramen
  6. Favourite Anime: One Piece
  7. Favourite Film: Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron
  8. Favourite Animal: Horses
  9. Music I listen to: Kpop, but also some
  10. Hobbies: Horseback riding, drawing, writhing, reading, arts, dancing
  11. I like cosplaying
  12. I am an otaku
  13. I also like Korea very much
  14. I will travel to South Korea for one month as well
  15. I am trying my best to learn Korean and Japanese
  16. I can speak English and German fluently
  17. I want to be able to speak or at least understand Korean, Japanese, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian (and maybe Chinese)

Now Coming to the journey

I will start in Tokyo and travel north somehow together with the sakura until I arrive in Sapporo in May.


From Sapporo I’ll take a plane to Seoul, South Korea. I am going to use one moth to visit Korea and return to Seoul so I can take the plane back to Japan end of June.

Next step will be Tokyo again, where I’ll meet a good friend who’ll come and visit me. Then both of us will travel south.

In the end my family will also come to visit me so we can have our family holidays and get back home together.