June 24th

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing. I spend the Day mostly inside and read a little online and tried to watch some anime. I also re-packed my backpack (and holy shit this is more tiring than I thought) and tried my best to organize everything better. It didn’t really work and my backpack is still filled… Continue reading June 24th

June 23rd

Yesterday I made a very short Trip to Dosanseoweon. A confucian academy near andong. It was an amazing place. Not only the academy and it’s buildings but also the landscape all around.  However it took more time to ride the Bus there than I spend at the academy. So it made the whole day quite… Continue reading June 23rd

June 19th

Today I started with jogging again before I had to do my laundry. This actually means handing it over to the staff here and waiting four hours for them to finish. What’s funny is that they told me to give them my clothes when they open their front desk. However, the cleaning period starts three… Continue reading June 19th