July 21st

This morning, I started jogging again. Afterwards, I took a shower and got some home made breakfast. It tasted great! Then I just relaxed, watched some Babylon 5 (since the wifi here is horrible, I guess I will have to rely on everything I arleady have on an USB) and slept some more. In the… Continue reading July 21st

July 20th

Today, my friend left for Germany and I moved to Fujikawaguchiko, a small city near mount Fuji. Kawaguchiko is a beautiful lake and I really hope, I can take some beautiful pictures of this shy mountain. Other than that, I want to re-start my jogging schedule and marathon some series, so I have a contrast… Continue reading July 20th

July 19th

Today it’s the second and last time that I, Lisas‘ travelmate, will write an entry here. So…today has been my last day in this crazy but yet very precise country. And for such a day and especially if one is in Tokyo, one should do something extra ordinary cool. That’s why we went to see… Continue reading July 19th

July 15th

Yesterday, we moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. It was a nice trip, since we got to take the Shinkansen. And this time I really felt the speed. We were so damn fast! IT was amazing. In less than three hours we covered a distance of 500km. It’s unbelievable! Soon after arriving, we got to our… Continue reading July 15th

July 14th

Today was our last Day in Kyoto and we decided to visit some Temples and Shrines, including Ginkakuji (the Silver Pavillon). It was an amazing area and walking there was a good decision. We found some beautiful Spots on the way.  The whole area around Ginkakuji was beautiful and we saw a physical effect, which… Continue reading July 14th