August 5th

Today, I had to leave the Hostel rather early. I still had time to eat breakfast, but afterwards, I had to hurry.

My bus left at 9:40 and was supposed to arrive in Shinjuku at 18:50. However, on our way we worked up to a delay of more than one hour (quite surprising, taking into account the strictness and punctuality they have here, where delay usually means 10-60 seconds). So, I arrived around 8 pm in Shinjuku and now had to take the subway back to Kawasaki (yes we passed that part of Tokyo on our way and even had a stop there, but I wasn’t sure if my Hostel was really there or not, so I had to stay on the bus for one more hour until we arrived in Shinjuku, look up the location of my Hostel and then get back to Kawasaki).

Having arrived two hours later than necessary, I soon found my Hostel in a rather lively but nice neighbourhood. There’s a shopping street complex close and the station is only a walk of about 10 minutes from here.

However, I am quite tired from the long trip and really need to sleep.


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